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House Republicans Honor Law Enforcement

Communications • May 20, 2017

If you’ve ever been in Washington, D.C. during National Police Week, you know that it’s a moving experience. Law enforcement officers and their families come to our nation’s capital from all corners of this country to honor those whose end of watch came too soon. Check out this amazing picture from Saturday’s vigil: This week …

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I love filing my taxes!

Communications • May 19, 2017

Said no one, ever. Our tax code is so complicated that Americans spend 6 billion hours filing their taxes. That’s like watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy more than 646 million times. We’re going to need some more popcorn. There has to be a better way…and there is! What if taxes were so simple …

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McMorris Rodgers Statement on FCC Net Neutrality Vote

Communications • May 18, 2017

House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) released the following statement after the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the agency tasked with regulating interstate communications, voted today to begin rolling back its predecessors’ anti-consumer Title II regulations. “This is not a question of the merits of net neutrality — this is about the FCC ramming …

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the government could use an update

Communications • May 17, 2017

House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) released the following statement after the House passed the Modernizing Government Technology (MGT) Act (H.R. H.R. 2227). Introduced by Rep. Will Hurd (R-TX), this bill will reduce wasteful spending on outdated IT and enhance information security by accelerating the federal government’s ability to utilize more current technologies, …

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“No, the AHCA doesn’t do that…”

Communications • May 16, 2017

Got your attention, didn’t we? Well, according to certain protesters and pundits, because the House Republicans voted to lower the costs of health insurance and increase access to health care, we’re basically murdering people. Protesters went so far as to hang posters around the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill campus mischaracterizing their congressman’s vote in …

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to protect and to serve

Communications • May 15, 2017

House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) released the following statement in honor of Peace Officers Memorial Day, which marks the beginning of National Police Week. “Today and every day we remember the men and women whose end of watch came early. Our nation’s police officers see people at their most vulnerable, and sadly …

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Roundup: Mom, you’re the real MVP

Communications • May 15, 2017

A couple years ago, Kevin Durant gave a heartfelt thanks to his mom during an acceptance speech, calling her “the real MVP.” Even those of us not getting trophies have to agree — moms are the best! They love you, support you, and give you an extra little push when you need it. For all …

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No White Flags on Mother’s Day

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) • May 14, 2017

When I was first sworn into the People’s House, I was single and didn’t have any children. I didn’t know then that my new responsibility would also lead to me meeting the love of my life, Brian, and us having three children. My family keeps me grounded. They keep me focused on what’s really important. …

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McMorris Rodgers: “this is our once-in-a-generation opportunity”

Communications • May 13, 2017

“This is our once-in-a-generation opportunity to enact real tax reform and America needs it. That’s how we get our economy growing and get people back to work.” House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) recently joined Your World with Neil Cavuto to talk about House Republicans’ goals for the year and the American Health …

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“this is a matter of fairness”

Communications • May 10, 2017

Though you should thank your mom every day for all she’s done for you, Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to reflect on how hard our moms work to give you a leg up in life. For working parents like Rep. Martha Roby (R-AL), it’s not always easy to have a hectic work schedule AND …

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